7 Best BD-1 Skins In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor


Fans can not only change Cas, but also their robot BD-1. These are the best choices in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game.

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players can customize Jedi Knight Cal Kestis just like they can customize Cal’s partner, BD-1. Before, the only thing you could change about the small bot BD-1 was its color scheme. Now, you can go to a workshop and change BD-1’s parts and materials.

Since BD-1 parts are marked as collectibles, players can find different parts for Cal’s droid all over Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s open-world areas.Some parts can be bought, while others have to be found by doing a lot of running and digging. Gamers will also be able to use Datadisks they find around Koboh with Zee, who will sell Cal BD-1 parts. When going up against the Empire, players will want Cal to look his best, but they shouldn’t forget about BD-1 and should also clean him up a bit.


If a player buys the Deluxe Edition of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, they will be able to change Cal’s appearance, Cal’s gear, and even BD-1. The BD-Astro set is one of the BD-1 sets that you get when you buy the Deluxe Edition.

The BD-Astro set is full of parts and materials that are meant to give BD-1 a look inspired by fan favorite R2D2. For each of BD-1’s different looks, there is a BD-Astro part, and the Deluxe materials help finish the R2D2 cosplay.


If a player buys the Deluxe Edition of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, they will not only be able to make BD-1 look like R2D2, but they will also have the Rugged set for BD-1. The Rugged parts set for BD-1 doesn’t look like any well-known Star Wars droid, but it makes the puppy-like robot stand out as a droid that Han Solo would be proud to have.

Notably, the Rugged parts in the Deluxe Edition are made of materials that look like color designs from the planet Kashyyyk. The Rugged parts for BD-1 are also some of the parts that make it look the most interesting. Players can also change BD-1’s color to show popular bounty hunter colors like Boba Fett’s, which look great with the Rugged set. This can be done with other materials Cal collects on his trip.


All of the pieces of the Solar set for BD-1 are opened at once in a legendary chest that can be found in The Archives on Jedha. The Solar set is one of BD-1’s more interesting looks. It looks like it even gives BD-1 his own helmet.

When you mix and match the Solar skin for BD-1 with other materials, you can make some really cool things. Luckily, players won’t have to look for each piece of the Solar set separately. Once they open the chest, they’ll get all of them at once.


The Solar skin set for BD-1 can be unlocked all at once in a legendary chest on Jedha. The Industrial skin set for BD-1 can also be unlocked on Jedha. Industrial set is a great way for players to make BD-1 look more like a ‘worker’ robot. The Industrial parts on BD-1 look like they are more solid than the other pieces.

To get access to the Industrial set, players need to improve their balloon grapple and find the chest on Jedha. The chest is more exactly near the Anchorite Base.


Sometimes the basic look is the best, and BD-1’s original set is already more than amazing as it is. Some of BD-1’s basic parts are the only things that haven’t changed since the last game in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Cal looks different now. Greez now looks different.

Almost everything in the new Star Wars game looks different. But at first BD-1 still looks like a classic robot, which is a nice touch. Players will already have this set unlocked, of course.


Even though most of BD-1’s sets can be bought with each part unlocked right away. Players will have to get each part of some sets separately. Geonosian is one of these sets where each piece needs to be found. The Geonosian skin for BD-1 makes it look like a robot from the planet Geonosis.

Players will have to look around the planet Koboh for these parts in order to get them. To finish this set, players will need the air dash update. Which they will use to get the Geonosian BD-1 legs at the Bygone Settlement.


Just like with the Geonosian BD-1 skin set in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players will have to search for and collect each part of the Kaminoan BD-1 skin set in order to finish it. With this skin, BD-1 will look like a robot from the well-known planet Kamino.

For each part of the Kaminoan skin for BD-1, players will have to look for it around the planet Jedha. Players won’t need any upgrades to their speed to find these parts, so they can get them early on in Drive Mad game. After players find the Kaminoan BD-1 parts on Jedha, they can use their Datadisks to buy the Kaminoan BD-1 head and body from Zee at Pyloon’s Saloon. With this, players will be able to turn BD-1 into a full Kamino robot.

You can now play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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