How to Fix Netgear Router Red Light Issue?


While or after you setup a Netgear router, you may see various LED lights flashing on your device. The status lights on the Netgear router give visual information about the current connection status of your network. Suppose, if all the LED lights on the Netgear router turn green it means that your router is working properly. But in case your router LED light turns red, it means your router captured some error that may prevent you fromĀ  accessing the routerlogin page. But, no need to worry. In this post, we will talk about all the solutions related to red light issues.

Reasons Behind Netgear Router Red Light Issue

  • Bad internet connection.
  • Loose and faulty cable.
  • Outdated firmware.
  • Technical glitches.
  • Improper power supply.
  • Incorrect configuration.
  • Router is in contact with the metal objects.
  • The space Between the router and the modem is too much.

 Solutions to Fix Netgear Router Red Light Issues

Try these several solutions to fix the Netgear router red light issue. The greatest thing is that none of the solutions need any special networking knowledge. The red light problem can easily fix by anyone.

Tip-1 Power Cycle the Router

The initial or most common step is to restart your router. To reboot, turn off the router and remove it from the electric outlet. After a few minutes, insert your Netgear router into the power socket. Now, turn on your router.

Tip-2 Distance between router and Modem

Locate the router and modem in the same area. If the modem and router place out of the range it also shows red light issue.

Tip-3 Check Ethernet Cable

The Red light issue also arise if you are using loose or defective cables. Ensure that the Ethernet cable does not contain moisture or dust, and the connection should be finger-tight. Because the router cannot recognize broken cables.

Tip-4 Avoid WiFi Interference

The next solution to fix a red light issue is to keep your WiFi device away from electrical appliances, water, and metal objects like microwaves, refrigerators, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, treadmills, mirrors, fish tanks,  televisions, glasses, insulated walls, and washing machines. Because these devices crash the WiFi signal of your Netgear router.

Tip-5 Update the Firmware

Check if any firmware update is available because outdated firmware also cause the red light issue. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned below and learn how to upgrade your Netgear router to the latest version.

  • Open a web browser on your client device.
  • Type the web address i.e. in the URL bar of the browser and press the Enter button.
  • Right now, the admin login panel will appear.
  • Enter the default value username or password in the required field and click on the Log In button.
  • Here, you see the Netgear router setup wizard prompt on the screen.
  • Click the settings option.
  • Select the Firmware update and follow the on-screen instructions.

In that manner, you will easily update your Netgear router firmware.

Tip-6 Reset the Router

If none of the above-mentioned tips solve the Netgear router red light issue then reset your router to its default factory settings. Bear in mind that once you reset your router, all the customized installation and settings like username, password, and SSID will be deleted. For reset, find the reset button on your Netgear router and hold the button for some time. At the time of reset do not refresh the page or detach the router from the modem throughout the process.

You successfully reset your device manually. Once the reset, you need to set up your router again. For this, you can use various methods to configure the router. Now, we will set up the Netgear router through the WPS button. For this, follow the steps that are given below.

  • Locate the Netgear router and modem in the same room.
  • Make sure that the Netgear router is properly plugged into the power outlet that supplies fluctuation-free power.
  • Find the WPS button on Netgear router and press it for a few minutes.
  • Once the LED light turns on, connect the router to the extender wirelessly.
  • Find the WPS button on the extender and press it for some time.
  • Now, you complete your installation process.

The Bottom Lines

Netgear router red light issue is one of the most common issues faced by the user. If you are one of them then follow the aforementioned tips to solve the issue. We believe that you solve the red light problem in trouble-free way.

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