The 8 Best Games Like Graveyard Keeper


Even though these games aren’t graveyards like Graveyard Keeper, there’s a lot to keep.

Graveyard Keeper might be a good choice for people who like games like Stardew Valley, but it’s not just about farming and making friends. Graveyard Keeper is a unique and dark pixel RPG. After you’ve had fun with it, you might wonder what could be better than the first time you played.

Here are some pixel RPGs that might be just what you need to scratch that itch. All of them have little differences that make them similar to Graveyard Keeper and can keep you working for a while longer.

Sun Haven

Notable Traits

Sun Haven is a farming game that follows the same pattern: you get an old farm in a town no one has heard of, you build ties with the people there, and you find out what’s going on there. You have to grind a lot in this game because you can unlock two more towns and farms.

People are surprised and excited by how much they can do in the game.If the grinding and making were your favorite parts of Graveyard Keeper, you don’t need to look any further.


Notable Traits

Cryofall is a little different from the other games on the list because you have to fight to stay alive and shoot guns. Even though this is a big change, there is still a lot of crafting and managing farms and people in Cryofall. This is a farming simulator in its own right; you just have to make sure to eat and stay alive instead of going to the closest town for food.

You can play the game with other people, but not in the way you might think. You can play PvP on different servers or try to survive alone in the settings the game gives you. You and other players can fight to the death, and your friends can join you.

Travellers Rest

Notable Traits

Travellers Rest also takes place in the Middle Ages, and the goal is to take over a bar in town. You don’t get a farm. Instead, you get your own inn, where you have to keep both travelers and locals happy and well-fed.

You have to get all of the things you need to make food and grow your bar so you can have more guests. Once the game is done, the people making it want to add romance and building relationships.


Notable Traits

Terraria is not a relaxing game about farming. Still, if there’s one thing Graveyard Keeper does well, it’s keeping you busy with all the things you can grind for and make. Terraria has just what you need.

In order to move forward in the game, you have to fight many enemies and bosses and build a base where NPCs and friends can join you. In Terraria, you can work toward getting better ore, armor, and other things as you grow up.


Notable Traits
City BuilderCustomizationLife Simulation

The idea behind Littlewood is that you and other heroes have already saved the world. The town can live in peace and do well, but it needs your help to get back to what it used to be. The town doesn’t have a deep story, and there aren’t any monsters to fight or mines to explore.

In Littlewood, you can build and run your own town in any way you want. You can go to buying malls to buy things and learn a little bit more about the world. Littlewood is supposed to be easygoing and calm.

Bear And Breakfast

Notable Traits
ManagementStory RichRelaxing

You don’t play as your own hero or farmer. Instead, you play as a big brown bear named Hank. Hank lives in the woods with his mom, but he found some tools made by people that he wants to use with his animal friends. Explore the deepest parts of your forest and make it nice for people to live in.

Deep in the bush, you can find and build many different kinds of inns from the ground up. Pick up after people and meet new people.


Notable Traits
Story RichFarmingRomance

Kynseed is similar to other farming games, but it has a twist that makes it stand out. When you get old, marry a neighbor you like, and have kids, the farm is taken over by your kids. Then you take care of your own kids, and the tradition keeps going.

Your family will live and work on the farm for many years to come. Backrooms game takes place in a magical world and has a lot of history, enemies, and people to meet.

Potion Permit

Notable Traits

Your character isn’t a farmer; instead, he or she is the best chemist in town. It’s your job to help people who are sick and make medicines for them.

The town depends on you to make sure everyone is safe and healthy. Even though you can’t grow, you can fish and fight to keep yourself busy. You can find a love interest, improve the town, and heal people at the same time.

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